Seeking Solution for Multi-temperature Reefer Container

Problem Statement

Currently, products which have temperature-controlled requirements are unable to be co-mingled in the same reefer container. Shippers which lack scale and unable to fill a full container load have to rely on air shipment as a default option, when the products could have been moved by ocean which is more cost-effective.


  • Reefer containers which are capable of shipping products stored at different temperature ranges (-40°C to 30 °C) within the same container
  • Must be sea-worthy i.e. to withstand vibrations, shock and harsh conditions at sea, and be able to be used for multi-modal operations
  • Design for the reefer container needs to be within the dimensions of existing reefer containers and be able to obtain the necessary certification

Desired Outcomes

To optimise utilisation of reefer containers and derive cost savings for shippers unable to fill a full container load.

Additional Info

Your proposal should include the following information

  • Cost breakdown for a proof-of-concept, or deployment
  • Expected time of implementation
  • Management team and any external partners/vendors
  • Highlight what would be needed for the sea terminals, vessels, and cargo trains and trucks to handle such compartmentalized containers 
  • Traction (e.g. past pilot projects)


PSA will be providing the following support

  • Access to the direct business case user so that decisions can be expedited (for shortlisted proposal)
  • Find your product market fit - Industry insights that enable your solutions to be repurposed for a suitable business application


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